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The place with the most beautiful view

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Awaken your senses

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Montekarlo - Odmor na Drini, uživajte u čarima neverovatne prirode

Montecarlo Resort

Montecarlo on the Drina was created on the site of an old tavern that had the same name, founded in 1975, which was a favorite gathering place in this area. Today, based on the old tradition, we welcome guests with the opportunity for an even larger number of tourists to stay here and learn the charms of incredible nature.

From 60.00 € per night


The complex contains four modern and functionally equipped apartments to the highest standards. They contain everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Montekarlo - Odmor na Drini, apartmani po najvižim standardima
Montekarlo - Odmor na Drini, sve što vam je potrebno za ugodan boravak

From 60.00 € per night



Montekarlo - Odmor na Drini, dve sojenice



Within the complex there are two soybeans that will make your stay on the Drina a unique experience.

Enjoy local food


Indulge in our specialties that we serve during the day. You can consume our prepared meals in your house or in the bar itself.

Montekarlo - Odmor na Drini, ukusni specijaliteti

Swimming pool

Unleash all your senses and take the opportunity to enjoy our indoor pool, which offers the most beautiful view of the emerald Drina.

Montekarlo - Odmor na Drini, wellness za opuštanje

What we offer you

Have you ever dreamed of waking up with a view of the emerald Drina?

Here all your senses will awaken, the explorer in you, the adrenaline in you. If you have not had the desire to enjoy the natural beauty so far, you will get it here. Doesn't it sound perfect to be able to watch the beautiful river from the bed and enjoy the chirping of birds? This unique experience as a combination of glamor and camping allows you to choose comfortable accommodation and its surroundings in which you will be able to enjoy both nature and accommodation.

Montekarlo - Odmor na Drini, udoban smeštaj

Enchanting nature

Enchanting nature

The Drina, along with the exploration of Tara, one of the most beautiful Serbian mountains, is a rarely found combination.

Montekarlo - Odmor na Drini, obiđite i Taru

Local culture

Local culture

The hosts will allow you to visit local wineries and producers of local specialties.

Montekarlo - Odmor na Drini, lokalne vinarije i specijaliteti

Healthy food

Healthy food

A basket full of healthy food from the surrounding farms, can welcome you every morning on the terrace of your caravan.

Odmaralište Montekarlo na Drini

Excursions and tours

Excursions and tours

In this place you get the ultimate enjoyment for body and soul. Peace, mental rest and adrenaline if you want.


Odmaralište Montekarlo na Drini


Montecarlo on the Drina is located on the banks of the river, in a place with the most beautiful view. It consists of five apartments, five glamping houses, a restaurant, a swimming pool, an open-air theater, a beach with deck chairs.

The concept is designed so that the most diverse requirements of guests can be met. YOU choose whether to enjoy an active adventure vacation or relax in a beautiful natural environment. You can choose whether you will be accommodated in one of our glamping houses or in luxury apartments. If you want to prepare food yourself, you will have that option, both in your apartment and outdoors on the beach. If you still want to indulge in our specialties, we serve all meals during the day. You can consume our prepared meals in your house, outside or in the bar itself. You can just enjoy the beach and deck chairs or ride a bike, hike, walk, paddle, fish. Each offer is interwoven with the desire for rest, nature, good and healthy home-made food from these parts and relaxation in a way that pleases our guest because we value individuality.


Odmaralište Montekarlo na Drini


The Association of Nature Lovers Naša Drina was formed out of a desire to actively participate in preserving and improving the environment.

Although young, this Organization already has over 100 members, lovers of this climate, fresh air, hunting, fishing, outdoor activities and generally healthy living. They will pass on their habits to young people through educational workshops, promote a healthy lifestyle, diet, use of renewable materials in construction.

The work of the society is dedicated to nature protection and environmental improvement, which will strengthen a healthy future and lead to increased environmental awareness, popularization of natural values, study and protection of natural heritage and biological diversity, and thus lead to long-term social and economic improvement of our community.


Odmaralište Montekarlo na Drini


Within the complex, there is a monument erected in memory of the hero Millos Cirkovic. There have been difficult moments in the history of the people that have called into question its very survival. However, it often happened that individuals opposed that evil destiny. That individual resistance, which is characterized by loneliness, determination, defiance and courage, often astonished the enemy. In the days of the Serbian exodus from his cradle of Kosovo and Metohija, one man dared not to accept that evil fate and to oppose that same fate with all his strength.

Milos Cirkovic (1961-1999) is a soldier of FR Yugoslavia who remained the only one in uniform in Kosovo and Metohija after the withdrawal of Serbian security forces on June 15, 1999. While his family was already in a refugee camp in the central part of Serbia, he remained alone in his village of Belo Polje, near Peja. There, he resisted Albanian terrorists for days, resisting, and eventually died on the doorstep of his house. Although his parents told him to go with them into uncertainty and persecution, he refused, saying his famous sentence: "You go ... I stay."