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Fishing with professionals

If you are eager to connect with nature, enjoy the incredible charms of greenery and the emerald Drina, we have organized for you a fishing trip with the best fishermen from our region. You can try it yourself or just observe and enjoy the specialties. Happy fishing trophies are juvenile, grayling, trout, catfish, scorpionfish, carp, barbel, chub,…

Aktinosti na Drini
Aktinosti na Drini2

Enjoying specialties prepared in nature

Freshly caught fish stored in nature. We have gone a step further in the organization, so our van with a mobile kitchen is available, where our professionals can prepare a complete party of food for you on a trip in a natural environment.

Mountain climbing

Hiking on Boranja - It is extremely rich in forests, various plant communities, springs, minerals (especially granite stone) and lead, zinc and antimony ores. If you decide for one of the hiking tours on the mountain Boranja, on the east side, there is a beech reserve that covers more than 15 hectares, of which over half of the territory is under state protection under the name "Danilova kosa" and has received the status of protected natural asset of exceptional importance. The greatest importance in it is the habitat of the indigenous species of mountain beech. A walk along this mountain will take you back in time because the village of Planina is located south of Crni vrh in the source area of the Goranska river. Here you can still see the old charcoal kilns (furnaces-workshops for the production of charcoal).


Mountaineers are given the opportunity to get to know the beautiful landscapes of Azbukovica on marked hiking trails. Not far away is the mountain Bobija, whose highest peak is Tornička Bobija (1272m). Due to the beautiful terrain, the richness of flora and fauna, numerous sources of cold and drinking water, we recommend it to mountaineers, hunters and anyone who wants to escape from urban life. The mountain is incredibly beautiful and appropriately arranged, without disturbing the natural balance. The mountain is rich in very strong and cold sources of drinking water at high altitudes, which makes it exceptional. There are over 100 such springs on Bobija, and Dobra voda is famous for its fame. Due to the diversity of relief, flora and fauna, the terrains are perfect for hikers, hunters and hikers. Near the mountain are the canyons of the rivers Tribuće, Trešnjice, Sušice and Ljubovidje. Another mountain in the immediate vicinity is the mountain Boranja. The highest point of Boranje is Crni vrh at an altitude of 856m. This mountain is extremely rich in forests, forest fruits, game and various plant communities.

Aktinosti na Drini3
Aktinosti na Drini4

Drina rafting

Rafting on Zvornik Lake gives you the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting beauty of Western Serbia. This activity is ideal for everyone who wants to see something new and get to know this area from another angle. The Montecarlo complex offers you the possibility of renting a raft. Gather your company and enjoy all-day rafting, during which you can tour the entire lake on your own. While driving, we suggest you stop at one of the beaches. Observing the natural beauties through which one passes, remains deeply etched in the memory of all the people who had that experience. While rafting, you can enjoy the pleasant sound of water, the chirping of birds and the observation of the wonderful flora and fauna, some of which belong to rare protected species. Wherever you turn the camera, you have a postcard, but it cannot faithfully convey the atmosphere, smells and the feeling of being a part of nature. As a contrast to everyday life in urban areas, where people are surrounded by concrete, while driving, people join nature and summarize with it.

Aktinosti na Drini5

Fishing boats

Do you like fishing? Do you know that according to the stories of divers, Zvornik Lake hides specimens of catfish weighing up to 100 kilograms in its green bowels? Also, the hydroelectric power plant "Zvornik" is the only hydroelectric power plant in the Republic of Serbia that has a fish path. And if this is not exciting enough for you, then know that the lake gave a lot of trophy specimens - catfish 87 kg, pike 18.5 kg, perch 13.7 kg, young 18 kg, carp 26 kg, grass carp 29 kg, bream 7 kg, maple 3.5 kg, chub 7 kg, etc. Zvornik Lake is an artificial accumulation lake on the Drina built in the period from 1948 to 1955. The lake lies at 140 m above sea level, 25 km long and covers an area of ​​1300 hectares. The maximum measured depth of the lake is 39 meters. The average depth is 5-8 meters. There are few places for fishing, or the coast is occupied by a cottage or it is steep. The best places for fishing are near Sakar, Amajic and Citluk. You are lucky that our facility is located on that move! Our facility offers you the possibility of renting fishing boats!